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Rider insurance Rider insurance Rider insurance

Rider insurance

  • Cover for riders aged 5 years old upwards
  • Cover for Personal Accident, Third Party Liability and Custodial Liability
  • Founded to donate to animal charities worldwide.

At Animal Friends, we understand it's not just the horse owner or loaner who needs protection when riding, and even if you do not own or loan your horse you are still at risk when riding.

You may have an accident that prevents you from working or leaves you needing dental treatment. Costs can add up but our Rider Insurance cover can support you if the worst should happen, allowing you to concentrate on getting better.

Our policies provide cover for you when riding a horse, which you do not own or have on loan and provides cover for Personal Accident, Third Party Liability and Custodial Liability plus Emergency Veterinary Fees for the horse you are riding.

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All of our policies are subject to the terms and conditions explained in our documents

Your complete guide to your Standard Rider policy
Rider Only Insurance Product Information Document
Your complete guide to your Young Rider policy
Young Rider Only Insurance Product Information Document

Rider insurance cover summary

View the policy limits available for Standard Rider and Young Rider cover.

Young RiderStandard Rider
Loss Of Limb£20,000£10,000
Permanent Deafness£20,000£10,000
Permanent Blindness£20,000£10,000
Permanent Total Disablement£20,000£10,000
Temporary DisablementN/A£50 per week
Dental Treatment£1,000£1,000
Hospital Benefit£25 per day£30 per day
Tuition Fees£2,500N/A
Young RiderStandard Rider
Maximum Benefit£1,000,000£1,000,000
Young RiderStandard Rider
Maximum Benefit£1,000£2,000
Young RiderStandard Rider
Emergency Vet Fees£1,000£1,000
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Animal Friends Pet Insurance was founded in 1998, exclusively providing pet insurance for over 20 years

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Founded with the sole aim of providing pet insurance as a means to help support animal welfare charities

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To date we have donated over £4 million to over 300 animal welfare charities across 7 continents

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