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Cat product reviews

Our cats can be fussy when it comes to the things we buy them, that’s why finding the best products to keep them entertained is really important.

Together, with a few of our catty companions we have scoped out and put a range of new and exciting products that just might capture the attention of your fabulous feline to the test.

So, what kind of cat products will we be reviewing?

Health & Wellbeing products

Delving into the products which could benefit your pet’s health and wellbeing we explore a selection of water fountains for the cat who likes to drink from a stream to food or treat dispenser puzzles which stimulate your cat’s brain whilst they chow down on their dinner.

We will provide the insights of our honest feline companions which might help you consider whether the product is right for your cat.

Animal Friends is no way affiliated with any of the products or companies we review. All products have been reviewed by Animal Friends employees unless stated otherwise

Spide Cat Interactive Toy Product Review

Spider Cat Interactive Toy

This orange spider toy is a great way to get your cat to join in on some Halloween fun!

Cat Scratching Cardboard House Product Review 1

Cat Scratching Cardboard House

Cat Scratching Cardboard House by PetPlanet offers a great scratching alternative to your chairs, cabinets or carpet!

Bat Cat Interactive Toy Product Review

Halloween Bat Cat Scratcher

With black wings and angry eyes, the Bat Cat Scratcher offers your cat a large area to satisfy their scratching needs.

Cat product reviews

Catit Flower Water Fountain Mini Review

The fountain offers three different settings and provides fresh flowing water at a height perfect for smaller cats.

Cat product reviews 1

Cat Mate Pet Fountain Review

A portable, BPA safe, convenient for short walks, water bottle for your smaller dog featuring a leakproof lock

Cat product reviews 2

Honey Guardian Automatic Pet Water Fountain review

A carbon filtered, flowing water drinks fountain for cats featuring three different settings including motion detection.

Buster Catrine Treat Ball Review 4

Buster Catrine Treat Ball Review

A treat ball with unpredictable rolls with varying difficulty to suit learning kittens and experienced cats.

The Catit Senses Treat Maze Review

The Catit Senses Treat Maze Review

A cat treat puzzle with adjustable difficulty which encourages a cat’s inquisitive and playful nature.

Cat Activity Fun Board Review

Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board Review

A board with five different sections, offering cats a variety of challenges to be able to reach their treats.


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